Senior Pilates Instructor Certification Course

To work safely and effectively with older people, it is important to know the principles of ‘practice-science’.

This knowledge includes the physiological basis of exercise and how it can be incorporated into exercise; the body’s functional systems and how they are interconnected; the skeletal and muscular skeleton of the body and how they are interconnected with other systems to perform movement.

There is also a need to be aware of the normal ageing process and the positive effects of the exercises.

Our Senior Pilates Instructor course gives students a meaningful summary and knowledge of these areas.



Module 1

  • Explore the benefits of Senior Pilates.
  • The breathing technique will also be covered. You will understand the breathing technique and how to teach the Senior Pilates exercises correctly to your clients.
  • You will learn how to use the resistance bands – Powerbox Pilates – in your Senior Pilates class. Powerbox Pilates is the safest and most effective system for seniors.

Module 2

  • Explore the warm-up and the cool down techniques. Learn nice, gentle stretching and cool down session.
  • Promote safety. Whether your clients are working out at home, in a studio, or under the open sky, the course emphasizes ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • You will learn 20 basic Senior Pilates exercises in this module.

Module 3

  • Explore 15 Senior Pilates exercises on a chair. Learn the correct way to teach them. While you are learning the exercises you will also learn the cuing technique.
  • Learn 15 Powerbox Pilates Senior exercises. You will also learn the correct posture and breathing techniques.
  • Cueing to music. Some clients love to listen to gentle music during a Senior Pilates class. We will give you the best suggestions regarding the music.

Module 4

  • You will practice with your schoolmates, and we will answer all your questions during this module.
  • You will practice the exam as well.


EXAM: Practical exam.

Certificate of qualification at the end of the course:

Certified Senior Pilates Instructor International Diploma (US-registered, international diploma)

The certificate of qualification will be scanned and sent to the student by email and by FIRST CLASS postage.

The course price includes the following (All-in-one):

  • Registration fee
  • Course tuition fee
  • Online consultation fees
  • All course materials fee
  • Course book (printable digital copy)
  • International diploma fee
  • First class postage costs
  • Examination fee

Requirements to complete the course:

  • participation in online "live" consultations,
  • successful practical and written exam (min.80%)
  • full payment of the course fee


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