Pilates Level II. Instructor Certification Course

Our Pilates Level II Instructor course is for students who already have a Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy Pilates I instructor certificate and would like to learn the Pilates method at a deeper level, adding new exercises to their teaching repertoire.

At the end of the course, students who successfully complete the exam will have 95 intermediate and advanced Pilates MAT and equipment exercises to incorporate into their existing Pilates programs.



Module 1

  • Explore the deeper level of Pilates. This module will dive into a deeper level of Pilates, and the principles of the Pilates method. You will master the art of tailoring Pilates sessions and full – fledged Pilates intermediate and advanced workouts.
  • In this module, you will also learn 20 intermediate / advanced MAT Pilates exercises and the correct way to teach them.
  • The Pilates breathing technique will also be covered.

Module 2

  • Explore new warm-up and cool down techniques. It is very important to start your Pilates class with nice, gentle stretching and finish it with a 5-minute cool down session. You will learn all of this in this module.
  • You will learn 20 resistance bands Pilates exercises and 20 Pilates ring exercises.  

Module 3

  • Explore 20 advanced and unique standing Pilates exercises and the correct way to practice them. While you are learning the exercises you will also learn the cuing technique.
  • You will learn another 15 advanced Pilates foam roller exercises.

Module 4

  • You will practice with your schoolmates. You are going to learn a lot about the correct teaching techniques, teaching for proper alignment and how to have and keep the passion to teach exciting and successful intermediate / advanced Pilates classes.


EXAM: Practical exam.

Certificate of qualification at the end of the course:

Certified Pilates Level II. Instructor International Diploma (US-registered, international diploma)

The certificate of qualification will be scanned and sent to the student by email and by FIRST CLASS postage.

The course price includes the following (All-in-one):

  • Registration fee
  • Course tuition fee
  • Online consultation fees
  • All course materials fee
  • Course book (printable digital copy)
  • International diploma fee
  • First class postage costs
  • Examination fee

Requirements to complete the course:

  • participation in online "live" consultations,
  • successful practical exam (min.80%)
  • full payment of the course fee


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