Senior Pilates Certification Course

To work safely and effectively with older people, it is important to know the principles of ‘practice-science’.

This knowledge includes the physiological basis of exercise and how it can be incorporated into exercise; the body’s functional systems and how they are interconnected; the skeletal and muscular skeleton of the body and how they are interconnected with other systems to perform movement.

There is also a need to be aware of the normal ageing process and the positive effects of the exercises.

Our Senior Pilates Instructor course gives students a meaningful summary and knowledge of these areas.


WHAT MAKES Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy SENIOR PILATES Instructor course excellent and professional?

  • Professional Course leader, Marianna Jackson, Pilates Master Teacher
  • Length of the course: 6 weeks / 40 hours / plus exam.
  • Online course: convenient, professional, live online teaching.


  1. Introduction - In the first module, students will learn the principles of Senior Pilates, the aging process, the benefits of physical activity, warm up and cool down exercises.
  2. Practice- In this section, students will learn basic Senior Pilates exercises, exercises on a chair, stretching exercises.
  3. Live online consultation - In this module, students will have a live consultation with the course leader.
  4. Intermediate Exercises - In this module, students will learn intermediate Senior Pilates exercises.
  5. Live online consultation - In this module, students will have a live consultation with the course leader.
  6. Class Structure Methodology- In this section, students will learn additional intermediate exercises and the structure of basic and intermediate Pilates classes. They will also learn useful information about the class schedules, the music, and the class management.
  7. Live online consultation - In this module, students will have a live consultation with the course leader.

EXAM: the exam consists of a written and a practical part.

This is an E-learning course with “live” consultations.
Students can sign up at any time and get the possible live consultation’ dates from our course leader via e-mail.

Requirements to complete the course:

  • participation in online "live" consultations,
  • successful written exam (min.80%)
  • full payment of the course fee,
  • successful practical examination (min.80%)

Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive the following certification:
Certified Senior Pilates Instructor


#1 BONUS: Vitamin guide
In this pdf menu, you will learn about essential vitamins, specific whole food plant-based vitamin sources to help you and your clients to develop a balanced diet.

#2 BONUS: B'n'S Pilates music
Upon successful completion of the course, we will provide you with a "Playlist" that you can use specifically for your Senior Pilates classes.

#3 BONUS: Closed student Facebook group
We have created a closed Facebook group for our students, where we keep our members informed and provide them useful professional materials. Our students can connect with each other on this platform, the group leader provides members with additional knowledge material and informative posts for professional development.

Other important things to know:
We will scan your certification and send it to you via email, as well as by mail.
If requested by the student, we will send the certification with tracking number at a cost of $50

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