Prenatal Yoga Instructor

We offer our pre-/ postnatal yoga instructor training course not only to yoga teachers, midwives and doulas for further training, but we also welcome applications from pregnant women.

Completing our training does not require several years of yoga practice. You can apply if you are planning a baby or already have a little one growing under your heart and want to live every minute of your pregnancy in harmony. Yoga is a great way for you to develop an intimate, loving relationship from the very first moments.

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The Pre-/Postnatal yoga instructor course includes the following:

  • a 100% online course, with "live" online consultations and online yoga practice
  • course manual with well-illustrated photos and detail descriptions
  • videos for home practice
  • individualized practice


  • "Live" consultations with the course leader Dr. Suzanna Braeger (certified yoga teacher, bhakti yoga teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher, master health coach, master vegan nutritionist, doctor of naturopathy)
  • The anatomy of pregnancy, the development of the baby and the changes that take place in the expectant woman from week to week, changes in the center of gravity during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Natural remedies during pregnancy: phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy
  • Diet and nutrient intake for pregnant women: proper diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Childbirth aid: relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Exercises during and after pregnancy (postnatal exercises)
  • Contraindications
  • 90 prenatal asanas (with photos) specifically for pregnant women
  • 17 postnatal exercises and asanas specifically for postpartum
  • Class management techniques, class outlines
  • Exam - online exams (written and practical)


  1. An Overview of Teaching Prenatal Yoga
  2. Prenatal Asanas and their Modifications
    1. Reclining Asanas
    2. Inversion Asanas
    3. Squat Asanas
    4. Seated Asanas
    5. Kneeling Asanas
    6. Standing Asanas
    7. Forward Bend Asanas
    8. Backbend Asanas
    9. Spinal Twist Asanas
  3. Breathing Practices
  4. Pelvic Floor Exercises
  5. Vocal Toning
  6. Visualization Techniques
  7. Prenatal Yoga Class
  8. Yoga Practice with Labor in Mind
  9. Signs and Stages of Labor
  10. Anatomy of Pregnancy and Birth
  11. Postnatal Yoga Practices


  • Nutritional guideline for pregnant women, infants and children
  • Balanced Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet in pregnancy
  • Holistic health in pregnancy

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  • Maximum mastery of the course material
  • Payment of the full course fee
  • Attendance of the online consultations is essential


Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor international diploma (US-registered, international diploma)

The certificate of qualification will be scanned and sent to the student by email and by FIRST CLASS postage.

The course price includes the following (All-in-one):

  • Registration fee
  • Course tuition fee
  • Online consultation fees
  • All course materials fee
  • E-Learning Platform (theory, videos and quizzes)
  • Course book (printable digital copy)
  • International diploma fee
  • First class postage costs
  • Examination fee

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