The easily adjustable bands allow you to build strength progressively over time without the need for weights.

Working with the Powerbox Pilates System™ helps to maintain muscle focus and keeps the stabilizing muscles switched on for longer.

Using the Powerbox Pilates System™ will help you to build a strong core, lose weight, shape your body, and reduce pain.


Powerbox Pilates™ Basic equipment gives you the perfect Pilates set you need for practicing your favorite Pilates movements.

Get yours today and enjoy the freedom that Powerbox Pilates System™ gives you!

Price includes:

  • 1 set of bands for Upper Body exercises
  • 1 set of bands for Lower Body exercises
  • 3 ankle streps
  • 2 handles
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 practical and beautiful Powerbox Pilates™ bag
  • 2 years guarantee

The price not included, Mailing fee inside of the USA: $20, outside of the USA: $35

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