• President, CEO of the Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy
  • Head of the Pilates Department
  • Owner and developer of the Powerbox Pilates System
  • Master Pilates Teacher
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Vegan Nutritionist
  • Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant

Marianna Jackson is an American-Hungarian businesswoman. She is from Budapest, Hungary and has been in the United States since 2008. She started the Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy in 2000. In the beginning it was a Hungarian company and in 2008 she moved her company’s Headquarter to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marianna has been an international figure of Pilates as she was the first to start teaching the Pilates method in Hungary in 2000.

Between 1997-2002, she ran three fitness clubs in Budapest, exclusively for women, called Body 'n' Soul Wellness Clubs. In 2000, she founded the Body 'n' Soul Wellness Academy and started to teach the Pilates method.

During the first years of her carrier, she was working as a fitness model for magazines and gyms. In 2012 she was the female model of Andree Agassi and Gil Reyes’ gym in Las Vegas, NV.

In 2014. She developed the Spine Balance Training program, combining the Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi movements.

She has also created and published a book and DVD in English for the Spine Balance program in Las Vegas (the program is also available through the B'n'S Wellness Academy).

Between 2013 - 2015, she taught the Spine Balance and the Pilates method at the PFI Sports University in Las Vegas.

In 2014 she met Michael Jackson Fitness Engineer in Las Vegas, NV who introduced his “Powerbox” equipment and its program to Marianna.

They developed a business relationship and improved the Powerbox training program. In 2021. Marianna and Michael launched their unique system, named Powerbox Pilates.

Powerbox Pilates is a patented, American equipment and system, based on the resistance bands and the Pilates method.
It is available at the Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy as a certification course and as a Pilates equipment as well.

You can meet Marianna in the following courses:
• Pilates Instructor
• Spine Balance Instructor
• Stretching Instructor
• Powerbox Pilates Instructor
• Master Teacher program

Marianna Jackson contact:
E-mail: info@bnswellness.com

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