Katalin Szökrönyös

Vegan Chef, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant


I believe I am lucky because I was introduced to healthy eating as a child and I have been enjoying the benefits ever since.

In the late 80's part of my family became vegetarian and after a few years we switched to a plant-based diet.

As I like to be creative, I was drawn to plant-based cuisine with its colourful, varied ingredients and flavours. I can't help but be amazed at the variety of vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, oil seeds and spices that we can use to make our meals healthier and more exciting!

It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I share my more than 20 years of experience in vegan cooking with my fellow human beings, gained through professional training and further education, as well as through many experiments at home and study trips abroad.

In the early 2000s, we ran our restaurant and health food shop as a family business for 7 years. After I finsihed my training course and got my diploma as Cook, I held vegan cooking courses in our restaurant. We also provided food tastings for health clubs, at company events, doctor's appointments, and health days organised by schools and institutions in the area.

Subsequently, I became a mother of 2 children and during my years at home, I have created vegan dishes for my family with unbroken enthusiasm and have continued to train and educate myself through various training courses.

Both of my sons were born healthy, weighing around 4kg and have been growing nicely ever since, they are now teenagers, good learners, and play sports.

My mission is to show how delicious and exciting vegan cooking is! I think that knowing how to prepare delicious vegan dishes is one of the most useful skills we can acquire for the future!

In addition, I take every opportunity to inspire those around me and to pass on my knowledge to my fellow human beings who are open to it: that what is scientifically accepted, i.e. a well-planned plant-based diet and gently prepared plant-based foods at all ages - from infancy and even during pregnancy - provides a safe and adequate supply of nutrients for development, regeneration and for every cell in our body, thus giving our whole being an ideal state of well-being, i.e. health. After all, everyone wants to feel good in their own skin!

I believe that health is not only about nutrition; I believe in a holistic approach to health: body, mind, spirit.

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