Anita László

BSc in Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences

MSc in Nutritional Sciences

I have been interested in the structure and function of the human body since childhood, fascinated by the world of biology and medicine. Driven by curiosity and a great thirst for knowledge, I travelled to different parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, admiring natural and man-made sites, learning languages and teaching children and adults alike.

The turning point for me was the birth of my children. As a responsible parent, I tried to give them a healthy start, but I realized how little I knew about food and how to plan a child's diet. As a vegetarian, I was aware of the negative consequences of possible nutritional deficiencies, I had experienced what it was like to be trapped in an eating disorder and desperately trying to break out of it, but I lacked the necessary knowledge of nutrition, so a few months after my daughter was born, I made a bold decision: I enrolled into the medical school.

I always knew that I wanted to be a healer, but I also felt that it was not with scalpels and drugs, but with the often underestimated but very valuable tools that nature offers, including our everyday food. As a vegetarian and then a vegan, I have personally experienced the benefits of this diet, and I wanted to share them with others, to support them with scientific evidence, to understand the complex biological, physical and chemical processes behind them, and to use this knowledge not only to treat disease but also to prevent it.

In medical school, I became increasingly immersed in the world of journals and scientific research, discovered how complex this field is, how fast the science of nutrition is changing, observed the arguments and arguments surrounding different diets, learned how important it is to keep up and make scientifically sound decisions for the benefit of patients.

My aim is to pass on the knowledge I have acquired in a simple and understandable way, and to help people who come to me to learn practical knowledge and apply it on a daily basis, thereby helping them to maintain and regain their health.

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